Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Summer Sun.

The summer sun shines on your summer smile
The worries of the day do not show on your face
My heart beats fast as if it has run a mile
All the while your attitude shows the joy of His grace

Running and laughing with friends, on a bloody field
A connection slowly forming, sweet moments forming
This day has made much known, who knows what else it may wield
The past lurks, waiting to hurt, but I go on ignoring the warning

Down the sunken road we tramp
We have tower over green blankets deep and wide
My face alight like a brightly lit lamp
For to my joy you are happily by my side

The summer sun shines on your summer smile
Feelings are growing, secretly knowing
Hiding the truth from them, but just for awhile
His blessings showing, overflowing